Dr. Kalyan presents at Jodhpur

Invited Presentation/Talk at the Healthcare Technology Leadership conclave (2018) by AIIMS-IIT Joint centre for health-care technologies at Jodhpur

Upon invitation, Dr. Rashmi & Dr. Kalyan from Vijña labs contributed presentations titled “Convergence of Physics & Artificial Intelligence in Medicine” & “Embedded Sensing with Opto-fluidics and Artificial Intelligence for medical diagnostics” to the special focus session on “Ideas for Innovation” at The Healthcare Technology Leadership conclave, Jodhpur. Dr. Rashmi presented views on the potential impact of recent advances in imaging physics and artificial intelligence/Deep learning in the field of medicine. The talk included an outlook on how these innovations can be leveraged to develop technologies, which enable faster medical diagnosis through accurate and automated assessment of medical images. Dr. Kalyan presented the spectrum of recent developmental trends in the domains of lab-on-chip, embedded systems/Internet of Things and the potential of their application in implementing miniaturized medical diagnostic devices.  The talk concluded with some remarks on how the integration of these technologies can enable affordable healthcare delivery in rural India. The presentations were well received by the medical community, with a lot of enthusiasm for collaborative technology development. Further, Dr. Rashmi contributed as an invited panel member for the group discussion on “Implications of Artificial Intelligence in Medical diagnostics”.


This first-ever leadership conclave conducted by the AIIMS-IIT Joint centre for health-care technologies (Jodhpur) brought together eminent academics, medical professionals, industry scientists and visionaries from the fields of medicine and technology development. By facilitating cross-disciplinary interactions, the conclave aimed at creating a Vision for Healthcare Technology Development in India to address innovation needs and priorities specific to the Indian context. The conclave is expected to be followed by a series of hack-a-thons, to which Vijña Labs would contribute significantly.